Women and Fashion

Trends are very changeable on the earth. They may be considered as a weird thing that means nothing to people. But it is not true. Designers would say that it is a creation of some spirits that makes follow and submit it. As for me, I can add that it is a very complicated task to understand new tendencies in mode. In ancient times women invented various clothes to differ from each other. It was a challenge for women in Ancient Rome or Egypt, Greece or Africa. To my mind, universal and unique trends have been forming since Stone Age. Clothes were always the first necessity for a man. He feels a microclimate with the help of clothes that protects him from hazard effects of environments. In addition, to my mind, women always felt the spirits of the earth and tried to choose its tones while making clothes. Good clothing both underlines beautiful lines of a body and hides its shortcomings. According to this there are some requirements - clothes should be hygiene,practical and comfortable.

Textiles that are manufactured for performing clothing can be natural and synthetic. Natural fabric is divided into vegetative (cotton, linen, and the like) and animal (silk, wool) origin. In ancient times the leaders were cotton and linen - they hydroscopic and hygiene. Women of middle class were wearing dresses made from thin fabric and trimmed them with jewelry and laces. Poor women were limited by harsh wool clothing without any decorative accessories. They didn't have any imaginations about colors or tones - it was beyond their understanding.