Where Can Women Get Tones and Colors?

Any trend or fashion is a part of human culture. Though there is a tendency of democratization of suits actually, people are dressed in a different way. Of course, traditions of county dresses differ from clothes that are preferable in town - anyway one can watch the common features in modeling clothing. Today women prefer long dresses with open décolleté. They also like jeans of various styles and types - they can be combined with tunics, blouses or shirts. As for colors and tones, it depends on a woman - if she is an 'earth' woman, be sure to see her wearing dresses of earth tones - green as grass in the yard, white as clouds in the sky, or black as soil. Extravagant women would like to wear red dresses like a fire in a fire place or orange like an orange. It depends . The fact is that the earth is rich in tones and it is for a woman to decide which one to choose.

When I was a girl of six, my sister Jenifer used to say, 'Tastes differ, my friend' and she was right. We are living on the earth but not on the moon and we should save our traditions to take the best from our nature - in this case, I mean, colors and tones of the earth. Fashion like weather is very changeable and let it be. My sister and I physiologically are ready to follow the earth tones in choosing dresses, trousers, or shoes for casual wear or for going to a pompous dinner party. Be sure to meet us cheerful and healthy wearing new stylish clothes.